Lavender and Rice Eye Pillow

Lavender and Rice Eye Pillow


Do you suffer from dry eye, styes, headaches or stress? Our lavender and rice eye pillows are perfect to ease multiple ailments. Heat this pillow up in your microwave on low power for 20-30 seconds and place on your eyes for a soothing, home spa treatment like no other! Release stress and tension with this pillow as you inhale calming lavender petals that are infused in this soft, felt sided pillow.  

If you have dry eyes or clogged mybobian glands, gently moisten the felt side of the pillow with a tiny bit of water from your finger tips, then microwave.  Place on your eyes for moist heat therapy for 25 minutes to open your glands and get your natural oils flowing! 


**ALWAYS test the heat of the pillow on your wrist BEFORE placing on your eyes.  You DO NOT want the pillow to be too hot, as the skin around your eyes is delicate and you do not want to burn yourself.  DO NOT heat longer than 30 seconds, and be sure the power is LOW to insure it is not too warm.  Proceed with CAUTION! ** 

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