Slather My Nipps - Breastfeeding Nipple Cream

Slather My Nipps - Breastfeeding Nipple Cream


No one likes cracked nipples, and breastfeeding can surely do that to you! Slather your nipps with our breastfeeding nipple cream!  Your precious ladies will thank you, and it will help to make the breastfeeding process that much more enjoyable.  Simply rub a small amount onto your nipple area in-between feedings.  

As always, contact your primary care physician to be sure you and your child will have no reaction to any of our ingredients before using. 

Store in the fridge for an extra cool sensation.  Slather My Nipps will soften if your house is warm, so storing in a cool dark place or fridge is ideal. 

Ingredients:  Cocoa Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil.  


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