Meet Martini !

Shih Tzu

/'SHi tso͞o'/

" The cutest and best dog ever known to man! Loyal, gentle, friendly, clever, courageous, outgoing, alert, intelligent and the most human like dog breed."

Martini is my amazing little Shih Tzu.  She is my best friend, soul mate, and the love of my life.  Most people probably feel very similarly about their pets, but I feel Martini and I share a bond like no other.  

I got Martini when she was just 8 weeks old, and was rescued from an abusive home along with seven brothers and sisters.  I had gone into the pet store multiple times a few weeks after my dad passed away, looking for a companion.  I was sad, alone in my college town, and needed something to love on.  

I had my eyes set on a Boxer pup who was absolutely beautiful.  I grew up with an Irish Setter and loved bigger dogs.  The majority of my life I had cats, so this pup would be the first dog I had ever solely owned.  For a week I visited that Boxer puppy and contemplated if she was the right choice for my companion.  I was living in an apartment that didn't allow animals, I was going to school, and I knew this breed would take a lot of my attention.  I wanted to be sure whichever dog became my first fur baby would have the life it deserved.  After really thinking it over, I knew I couldn't give the Boxer the space she would need to run and grow, while living at college.  

After deciding to go into the pet store one last time, I noticed that below the Boxer's cage was a pile of tiny, fuzzy newly born puppies.  They were SO small I wasn't even sure which breed they were.  "When did these little one's arrive?" I said to the shop attendant, reading her magazine at the front while chewing her gum like she was a cow chewing cud.  " They just came in this morning," she said.  She really didn't seem to care to make a sale, so I knelt down and peered into the cage, not bothering to ask any more questions.  

A man from the back of the store appeared, obviously hearing my interest in the new puppies.  He proceeded to tell me that the tiny, pure bred Shih Tzu's were rescued that morning from a home where breeding was out of control.  The puppies all had papers, a prominent blood line, and needed homes soon.  They were 8 weeks old, were flea bitten, dirty, and needed love more than any other animal in that shop.  When I asked to see them the man opened up the front of the cage so I could peer in.  All of the puppies backed away, scared for what was going to happen next.  All of the puppies except, Martini.  

Martini flopped out of the cage onto the floor and started to crawl to me.  I scooped up her little body and held her close to my heart.  She instantly started suckling my finger and I knew right then in that moment, that she was mine.  You know how you hear women talk about how they know they are mothers as soon as the doctor hands them their baby after birth?  I've never had children, but this is the closest thing I have experienced to that feeling.  After scrounging up every penny I had to pay for her, her food, bowls, toys, cage and blankets, we were on our way home.     

The past eight years of Martini's life have been wonderful for me, and I'd like to think for her too!  She has gone EVERYWHERE with me.  We have lived in multiple houses, been on multiple trips, hiked many mountains, swung in many hammocks, kayaked, canoed, and paddle boarded in many rivers and lakes.  We lived out of my car, have gone to many beaches, and camped more places than we can count! We have raised chickens, tended to gardens, gotten married and gone through one surgery.  We have lost fur baby friends, cried together through the bad, and laughed together through the good.  I have never in my life felt so close with an animal like I do with Martini.  She truly is my child, and I have made her a promise to take care of her the best way I know how until her last breath.  There isn't a thing I would do without this dog, and I know she feels the same about me.  

If you ever get a chance to meet me, be prepared to meet Martini too! We proudly stand by each others side! :) 

Breathe well folks, and I send the good ju ju your way to find the furry love of your life!