Breathe In Hope Exhale Dreams

Today I want to talk about the breath. That wonderful, filling stream of air that comes into our lungs and exits through our nose or mouth. What a gift it is to breathe!

Have you ever taken a moment to just breathe? To truly sit and concentrate on your breath flowing in and out of you ? For some of us, breathing and meditation come naturally, but for others finding time to meditate or breathing in general can be hard. Some of us are too busy and some of us suffer from breathing complications like Asthma and other diseases. I personally have suffered from difficulties breathing due to under-developed lungs from being a premie, but reccently, I've been able to overcome my breathing hardships by slowing down and focusing on my breath.

With breathing exercises and a few drops of my favorite essential oil, breathing has become easier for me, and meditation has followed right behind it!
For me, in order to meditate, I first need to set up my sanctuary. I like to do this in the morning in order to set my intention for the day. Nothing sends good juju out in this world better then starting your day with good intentions!  

Pick a room in your house thats peaceful, quiet, and uninterrupted. Grab a yoga mat or blanket that you can sit comfortably on, on the floor. Hell, sit comfortably on your couch if thats better. The key is to be comfy in your space. I like to turn my diffuser on with a blend of essential oils that help support my breathing and promote joy (ask me about how you can get some oils for yourself). As you sit, place your hands gently on your knees or the floor beside you. Close your eyes. As hard as it is, focus on your breath. Focus on that flow of air moving in through your nose and out through your mouth. Listen to it. Turning off your mind is hard, and for most of us, is not going to happen, so if your thoughts are flowing that's fine! Try to hush your thoughts, but if its impossible, think about the way you want your day to be. As your breathing deeply say those affirmations over and over in your head. "I am strong," "i am beautiful," "i am happy," "i am healthy," "today will be a good day." Choose affirmations that YOU want!  Choose things that you want to happen during your day.  It's crazy how setting our intentions really can make our dreams come true.

 Do this exercise for as long or as little as you want, because to be honest, meditation doesnt have to be a 30 minute long, quited brain exercise. In this day and age, just taking a few moments in your morning to slow down can be enough to change our entire day for the better!As you open your eyes, say your affirmations one more time outloud. Stand up, stretch a little, and start your day ! 

If you're interested in learning more about deep breathing techniques or essential oils and tea blends that can help support your wellness, contact me !

Have a great day, ya'll!!


Katie  🕉