Come Find Me, Asheville!

Spring is buzzing, and the warmth that has been encompassing my body has made my soul feel full!  I've been pushing myself to keep a steady pace with this business venture, and I'm happy to say that we, the business and I that is, are moving forward! 

I have had a lot of members of my local community ask me where they can find my products in person.  I am getting ready to wholesale to a few different retailers in the Asheville area, but while those wheels are turning, I wanted to be able to let everyone know where they can find me! 

I have decided to add a Calendar to the website to make it easy for you lovely individuals to see, touch, and sample my products!  Take a look at this ever-updating calendar of events to see if you can fit me into your schedule.  Many of these events take place on the weekend which is the perfect time to gather your family and friends and GET OUTSIDE!  Come share a cup of tea [or beer dependent on which event you come to!], ask me your questions, and snag some snazzy eye wear or herbal goodies. 

Each event on the Calendar page will dictate if I will have my glasses available or not, so be sure to look at this if you are interested in trying on some eye wear.  If you can't attend an event where my sunglasses will be available, be sure to check out my eye wear consultation page to set up a time for me to come to you so you can try on various styles! There is NO obligation to purchase when we set up a consultation.

Be sure to check the calendar page often, as I am always adding new events!  You can find me all season long, off and on, at the East Asheville Tailgate Market, The Fairview Farmers Market, The Asheville Flea For Y'all, and The Asheville Food Park.  I will be doing some fairs and art bazaars in-between these events, so be on the lookout!

As always, I thank each and everyone of you for your continued support, kind words, and inspiration.  This business truly would not be where it is in its fourth month if it weren't for you!

Breathe Well,