A non-invasive body scan to help you reach your health goals! 


Do something for your body! 

If you could have a non-invasive scan of your body done to learn how you could better support your bodies systems, would you ? 

iTOVi is a pocket sized device that can help you to learn what essential oils and supplements your body is yearning for.  It takes the guess work out of what supplements and oils you need and offers a non-invasive scan of your body to discover these needs. 

Using bio impedance, the iTOVi reviews all 273 biopoints in your body to let you know how you can get yourself back on track to living a healthier lifestyle.  The scan is fast and painless.  Once your reading is finished I will help you to understand the reason why certain supplements and oils are suggested with a typed up report delivered to your inbox! 

I'm now offering scans and scan parties in the Asheville area.  If you're interested in getting a grip on your health, contact me for pricing and bookings!